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Partly sunny
Sunday April 26th, 2015 | Updated 11:13 am

Partly sunny

After two straight up incredible powder days, Mother Nature has decided it’s time for a break. Temps are supposed to be in the high 40s today, with little to no wind and overcast skies. In the last two days we’ve received close to a foot of snow, meaning there’s definitely some powder pockets left in the woods just waiting to be blasted through.

TODAY: We plan on having 56 trails open and 8 of our 9 lifts spinning; the Tramside Carpet is closed for the season. First chair for Lower Mountain lifts is scheduled for 8:00AM with Upper Mountain lifts slated to spin at 8:30AM; last chair for all lifts is at 4:00PM

Lift tickets are $49 for adults (ages 19+) and $35 for Juniors (ages 6-18) and they can be purchased at both Tramside & Stateside Customer Service locations. 

After last chair at 4PM, we will temporarily suspend operations for the week, to evaluate the forecast for continued weekend openings. With the amount of snow still on the hill, more weekends are very likely in the mix.

2015/2016 Season Passes are now on sale. Click HERE to check out our Pass options; purchase by May 11th and save some coin.

In case you're driving up here for the first time and plan on using a GPS, be sure to read this.

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Snow Report

Snow 24 Hrs
0-0 in 0-0 cm
Snow 48 Hrs
5 in 13 cm
Snow 7 Days:
14 in 36 cm
Base Depth
20-40 in 51-102 cm
Season Total
373 in 947 cm
Machine Groomed/Spring Conditions
Lifts Open
8 of 9
Trails Open
59 of 78

Photo of the Day

Toy Story Riglet Park

Kids snowboarding has never been easier

Step into a different world and join us on an adventure of a lifetime. Teaming up with Burton Snowboards and Disney & Pixar’s Toy Story, we’ve developed a fun terrain-based learning park. Children will embark on a journey to resuce Space Ranger, Buzz Lightyear, from another planet. But before they are ready, they must go through their own Space Ranger training. The adventure begins with indoor training that will get your child moving though the basics on a board at the same time as prepping them for space exploration. For a copy of thier mission log, click HERE. The Toy Story themed adventure and familiar faces will have your kids almost forget about breaking for hot chocolate. 

For a list of what your space explorer needs, click HERE

The environment created by our Burton Riglet Park is a magical experience for children and with the evolution of youth equipment, kids can now strap in and start as soon as they can walk. New kid-specific gear like learn-friendly edges that rarely catch and the “Riglet Reel”, which allows for kids to be pulled around without unstrapping, save time and energy for the student and the instructor.

Along with this added ability to tow and teach, recent advancements in terrain-based learning through the use of mellow snow features like rollers, berms and boxes enable kids to discover the sensations of riding real mountain elements in the safety of a controlled environment. Coaches, resorts and families are finding large success with this innovative new program.

For more photos & videos of little rippers learning in our Riglet Park, check out our Riglet Park Media Gallery
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Launchpad (Flat Ground)


It is important as a Space Ranger to get used to your environment before immersing yourself in the mission. At the Launchpad, you will get the chance to strap in, warm up, and get used to moving your board on snow. 

The Crater (Mini Pipe)


Moving on snow is a lot different than moving on a carpet. In the Crater, you will get to work on your stance and what it means to “stay stacked. ” The Mini Pipe is a great place to practice straight glides and perfect your balance without gaining too much speed.

Moon Dunes (Rollers)


Compression and decompression are harder to say than actually do. Feel the sensation of riding over varying terrain levels and use your weight to effectively travel across the surface of the moon.

Meteor Field (Limbo Bar)


Dodge lasers, jump features and slide across artificial surfaces, and you’ll be prepared for any obstacles you may meet during the rescue mission. Take what you’ve learned about your board, balance and body position and let it translate onto our entry level freestyle features, including mini boxes, a limbo bar, and an ollie bar.

The Claw (Banked Turns)


Learning how to use both edges is something every rider must be able to do in order to steer. Balance will be put to the test, but our Banked Turns will help you feel the sensation of your weight shifting, guiding your board through the shaped turns.

Ranger Transport (Magic Carpet)


Head off to a new planet to find Buzz once the training mission is complete. Going up the magic carpet transforms into an exciting trip to a foreign land with a bigger mini pipe, rollers, banked turns, and perfect slope to move through to bring your child’s snowboarding to the next level.