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Monday May 12th, 2014 | Updated 1:19 pm


We are currently closed for skiing and riding.  Thank you for a great winter season.

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Riglet Park Progression

Kids snowboarding has never been easier

The environment created by the Riglet park is a magical experience for children, and paired with the evolution of youth equipment, kids can strap in and start as soon as they can walk. New kid-specific gear, like learn-friendly edges that rarely catch, and the Riglet Reel, which allows for kids to be pulled around without unstrapping, save time and energy for the student and the instructor. 

Along with the new abilitiy to tow and teach, recent advancements in terrain-based learning through the use of mellow snow features like rollers, berms and boxes enables kids to discover the sensation of riding real mountain elements in the safety of a controlled environment. Coaches, resorts and families are finding large success with this innovative program.

Teaming up with Burton Snowboards and Disney & Pixar's Toy Story, we've developed a fun terrain-based learning environment. Try each station and work through the basics surrounded by Toy Story-themed features and familiar faces that will have your kids almost forget about breaking for hot chocolate.

For more photos & videos of little rippers learning in our Riglet Park, check out our Riglet Park Media Gallery
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Mini Pipe


Work on your stance and what it means to stay stacked. The mini pipe is a great plece to practice straight glides and perfect your balance, without gaining too much speed.



Compression and decompression are harder to say than actually do. On this slight decline filled with mini waves, feel the sensation of riding over varying terrain levels and use your weight to change how you travel over the snow.

Limbo Bar


Although this may look like a lesson on how to duck ropes, knowing how to get low can be very useful, especially in tight quarters like the glades. How low can you go? Let our limbo bar be the judge as you work on your squats.

Ollie Bar


Over is as important as under. Harness your hopping abilitiy over our ollie bar. Learning the basics on how to use your body and board to load and release energy in ways you did not know possible for some really cool results.

Banked Turns


Learning how to use both edges is something every rider must be able to do in order to steer. Balance will be put to the test, but our slightly banked turns will help you feel the sensation of your weight shifting, guiding your board through the shaped turns.

Mini Boxes


Brave our mini boxes and learn how to slide on artifical surfaces early on. Take what you've learned about your board, balance and body positioning, and let it translate on our entry level freestyle features.